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Monday, November 18, 2013

Blue Planet Prank Radio

Blue Planet Prank Radio, Blue Planet Prank Radio Live, Listen Online, Comedy Radio, USA

Even when I see it, they go really well together. But why don't they have any progress? I have no other choice. This hyung needs to get involved. Oh, something got stuck in my throat. In foreign films, this is the time when the main actor and actress kiss! Have you ever seen them? No, I've never seen them. Scaredy cat. You're just as innocent as ever. Now that I think about it, I think I have seen them. Blue Planet Prank Radio The person has totally changed, totally changed. It's not that same innocent oppa. It's a place made of snow. It's pretty! Oh right, how did you know my beeper number? You had it memorized until now? Oh, that? It's easy to memorize your number. Your number is . and are friend numbers. Friend numbers? There are friends among numbers. A number and the sum of its divisors are called friend numbers. and are like that. A sum of divisors and what? Are you showing off that you're good at math? No, it's not like that. Anyways, they are very rare and strange numbers. There aren't many numbers that can meet as friend numbers like and . Really? So basically, it means it's a very good thing? Yeah. If it's a good thing, you could have simply said so. You said it so complicatedly. But, Online Radio Online Radio I also have something I want to ask you about. What is it? That's about the beeper that you gave me a long time ago. Huh? Why do you still have it without canceling it? Oh, that Online Radio Should I take a guess? You've liked me ever since you were younger, right? That's why you still have that, right? How Online Radio how did you know? It's true? You really liked me? No, the thing is Online Radio I don't know! Hey kids! Hurry up! Prepare everything perfectly without any mistakes! Get everything ready before they come back! Hyung, we need to light the candles. Of course, lighting is very important, right? Blue Planet Prank Radio, I brought the diarrhea medicine, where do I put it? Should I put it in the alcohol? Why do we need diarrhea medicine in a sleeptogether plan? But starting from before, I kept on getting diarrhea Online Radio Did you Online Radio What are you guys doing? Is it someone's birthday? No, uh, no Online Radio Hey, put this away. Buy me grapes. It's too expensive. Grapes! It's expensive. Blue Planet Prank Radio, give us a lot of soup. Yes. Ah, the husband is very kind. Huh? Are you newlyweds? Those are good times.

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