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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bluegrass Country

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Bluegrass Country

Hey, how do I look like a married woman? What are you doing? Online Radio, could we be like that later on too? You and me and our beautiful baby. Could we live happily like that? I'm really grateful to you. Because of you, I started to dream again. To love, and be loved Online Radio Dreaming of living normally, living very normally. Oppa. So, I'm really grateful to you. Huh? Where did everyone go? What's this? Bluegrass Country Online Radio Don't forget our sacrifice and I hope that you have a hot night! What is it? It's nothing. What is it? I said it's nothing. Let me see. No, it's nothing. Give me, what is it? No, it's nothing. Give me! What is it? DeukGu Online Radio Don't forget our sacrifice and I hope that you have a hot Online Radio DongPhil hyung has always had a sense of humor. Where did everyone go? I should find them. Where are you going? It's scary if I'm alone, don't you think? Uhm Online Radio Online Radio Online Radio Oh, it's hot. Aren't you hot? No, I'm not that hot. That's strange. I'm hot. Hey! Is it funny after scaring someone like that? Your face is so funny! Online Radio, I'm not hot. Oh, really. Anyways, where did they all go? Should I try calling them? Stay still! It seems like they're doing something. Be quiet! They'll hear us! I can't hear anything! Be quiet! Don't move! Be quiet! Well Online Radio we were going to leave, but Online Radio you guys came too early. Oh, so embarrassing. I'm sorry. Look out the window, look out the window. Miss Online Radio! Every lonely night, lonely night I don't want to think of you! Online Radio, are you sleeping? Huh, why Online Radio ? Let's go out. Oppa, where are we going? I have someplace to show you. Where are we going? Lapland. What? For today, think of this as Lapland. And Online Radio let's go to the real Lapland later on. The two of us together. The Snow Queen Online Radio must have been the most beautiful, but also the loneliest person in the world. Why? Because she was alone in such a cold place like this. She was so cold and so lonely Online Radio that's why she took Bluegrass Country away. Online Radio.

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