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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blues Classics- AddictedToRadio

Blues Classics- AddictedToRadio, Blues Classics- AddictedToRadio Live Listen Online, Blues, Oldies, USA

Blues Classics- AddictedToRadio

Shouldn't it have something to do with the theory on the dynamic system? I think you should study about the ergodic theory, but I don't really know about that. Do you think they're related? I'm not positive, but.. Blues Classics- AddictedToRadio I just get a feeling. Really? Then I'll find you a load of material. Thank you. You're doing very well. Don't rush yourself and go slowly. There are people who take decades on one problem. It can't take decades. Why? I need to solve this problem so that I can get my wish. Wish? What wish? There's something like that. You can't tell me?! Oppa, what are you doing? You were falling asleep and not studying, right? Yeah. Come and wake me up. I'll go in a little while. Study correctly! Online Radio. Blues Classics- AddictedToRadio I was really upset. How could you not call once when you're in Seoul? Blues Classics- AddictedToRadio and Online Radio, you're both too much. I'm sorry, GeonWoo. Are things with DeukGu going well? Yes. They must be. You look happy, Online Radio. But why did you ask to see me? Online Radio, the results for your periodic examination of health came out a little while ago, and everything is normal. Yes. But Online Radio you got a thymectomy in th grade, right? Why? No, just because. But last time when you came to the hospital carried on Blues Classics- AddictedToRadio back, did your chest hurt by any chance? Yes. It hurt then too. Then too? Then, have you experienced a similar pain lately? Yes. Lately, it's hurt a couple times like that too. But, is there something wrong? No, I was just curious. I've always been particularly interested in you. And while you're here, get an xray and CT. There aren't any except for the ones from last year. We have it for all other patients, but we just don't have yours. Okay. I understand. Why is he suddenly telling me to get an examination? Online Radio! Yes! Online Radio, when did you come? Exactly Online Radio hour and minutes ago. If you came, you should have told me. I just like staying like this. Did you eat? No. You want to go eat? No. Then what is it that you want? Study! Don't focus on me. How can I study if you're like this? Then, I'll go. You can't. Then hurry up and study.

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