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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blues Debut

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Quickly! Then, I'll finish quickly, just wait a bit. If you keep staring at me like that, I can't study. Yeah, Blues Debut Translating work? If you give it to me, I'd be grateful. Okay. Online Radio, I'm sorry, what do I do? I think I need to meet a friend and go home. Really? There's no choice. Can you ride the bus alone? But come home quickly! Let's eat together. Okay, I'll be home soon. Oppa! What's wrong? What's wrong, Online Radio? I don't know. I'm just nervous. Blues Debut, why are you nervous? I don't know. You just don't want to go home alone, right? There's no choice, let's go together. You said she's a myasthenia gravis patient? Yes. It looks like thymoma*. (*Thymoma: a tumor that occurs in the thymus cells) The size is pretty big too. Are you saying that it's invasive thymoma*? (*Invasive thymoma: malignant thymoma) Of course it looks a lot like lymphoma or a metastic tumor but (Lymphoma: malignant tumor that occurs in the lymph node) it seems more like invasive thymoma Online Radio (metastic tumor: malignant tumor that spreads to different areas) But the patient has already received a thymectomy. Really? It's rare, but Online Radio thymoma can occur after surgery. Problems can occur in the part of the thymus that haven't been completely removed in the surgery. Doctor Seo. Are you listening to me? You said it's thymoma? Yes. Doctor Seo! Online Radio, you need to wake up. Online Radio. We're here, we need to get off. She's totally asleep. Wait a second. Online Radio. Online Radio! Wake up! Online Radio! Online Radio! Online Radio, wake up! Online Radio! This is a free fansub. Get it Timer innerouter I don't want to die! If I die, my oppa can't live. He's barely starting to be happy now Online Radio I don't want to make him miserable again. Please save her. Please save her no matter what. I can't live like this anymore because it's so grubby. I can't ever let you go. Even if I can't make you happy, even if things are too hard for you because of me Online Radio I don't want to let you go. QC oyasumi Encoder doggieusa Coordinator mangosteen are you really not going to accept my wish? I will.

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