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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bnetradio Top 40 Oldies

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Bnetradio Top 40 Oldies

When I was admitted to the hospital to get chemotherapy, I saw my dad cry for the very first time. I always thought that my dad was the strongest person in the world. But it turned out he's not. When he saw me suffering, his face was all covered with tears. I've made up my mind then that I will never let him see me like that ever again. Also, oppa. When I'm getting my chemo, you have to stay out too. I have no problem with it. Don't worry. I won't cry. That won't do. My pride as a girl won't allow you to. Kim Online Radio, it's time to start your chemo. I guess it's time Online Radio Oppa, you have to get out now. I won't go out no matter what you say to me. Miss, please tell him to leave. Please begin. It'll hurt a bit. Online Radio, Bnetradio Top 40 Oldies Online Radio! What's going on with you? Online Radio! Online Radio! Open the door! Bnetradio Top 40 Oldies Online Radio!! Online Radio, open the door! Hey, Kim Online Radio! Online Radio! Online Radio! Online Radio!! Bnetradio Top 40 Oldies Online Radio!! Please calm down. Online Radio! Online Radio! Why did you do that earlier? Really. At least, I'm comfortable now. Oppa. Oppa. What? Oppa. It's very tiring for you to talk, so don't say anything. No. I always feel like I'm all alone if I'm not talking. So, no. Then I'll hold onto your hand. Will this do? But Online Radio how come you haven't called my beeper? Have you been waiting for my call? Yeah. And I've changed my beeper's password. . You told me that prime numbers are proud and cool. That's why I changed it. Pride is very important, right? How can you tell your password to anybody? At times when I can't get a hold of oppa Online Radio I can leave messages on the beeper, and you can retrieve the messages yourself. Yes, I know, I know. Hurry up and go to bed, don't talk anymore. Sleep. Okay, I'll sleep then. What should we do, oppa? Bnetradio Top 40 Oldies I Online Radio I'm afraid I'll start crying when I see Online Radio. Yeah, maybe we shouldn't go if we're going to cry there. What are you talking about? At times like this, she needs us most by her side. Should we all go? Oppa, you go next time.

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