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Thursday, November 21, 2013

BNSF Galesburg Terminal

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BNSF Galesburg Terminal

If everybody is there all of a sudden, it will be too noisy. Let's go. Hello. We are reporters from BNSF Galesburg Terminal Daily News. We want to interview Han Online Radio. Interview? Thank you for coming to see her. BNSF Galesburg Terminal, you must be very tired. What is there to be tired of? You are here just at the right time. Online Radio will be very happy. Well, we've brought some guests with us. Guests? They are here to interview him. It looks like oppa did a great job with the problem he solved. I see. I think oppa is very remarkable. Online Radio. Internet Radio. The more I think about it, the more I feel guilty towards oppa. Because of me, he's wasting his life. Hey, how can you say that? Don't be silly, take good care of yourself. But, Online Radio Online Radio A lot of your hair is falling off. Ah, I have a lot of hair, so it's ok. My pretty face won't be altered with a bit of hair falling off. Don't you think so? When I'm making a joke, you should at least give me a smile! It's no big deal. Come on, give me a smile. Where is he exactly? He's supposed to be around here. He's there. I've heard that you refuse to study abroad in US? You are invited there for a research collaOnline Radiotion. That is a great offer, isn't it? Why do Online Radio I apologize, can we stop it here? Mr. Online Radio, we've been looking for you all the way here, please say a few words. I'm sorry, I really don't want to say anything, and I really don't have time for the interview now. Then, there is nothing we can do, but we'll still post a very brief article. Excuse us. You just have to say a few words. Why did you refuse? I really don't know what you are thinking. Let's go in. Online Radio and Internet Radio are waiting for us. You refused to study abroad? Why? Why did you do that? It's because of me, right? It's not like that. What do you mean, it's not like that? BNSF Galesburg Terminal, you have no reason to turn down such an opportunity. Online Radio! Why are you acting like an idiot? What am I? What's the big deal with my disease that you're giving up your life? Online Radio. I have never thought about studying abroad.

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