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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bob Dylan Tracks

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Bob Dylan Tracks

Especially now, you are most important to me, not studying in America. You know that. Online Radio, let's not fight over this, ok? You know very well that I don't have many days left. I will die very soon anyways. Why must you surrender your life too? Who said that you are dying? Who says that you will die? You won't die. I will never allow that to happen. If you do not deliberately want to make me furious, don't ever say those words again. Death Online Radio don't even think about it. Got it? Bob Dylan Tracks, you know it well too. I will die very soon! You know this very well! But you just refuse to acknowledge it. Why are you acting like an idiot? Why are you struggling all alone like a moron? [The lost genius: Under the spotlight again solving the formidable problem of arithmetic series.] How is Online Radio? She still hasn't waken up. That is very fortunate that she's not awake yet. That means she's still alive, doesn't it? I'm sorry Online Radio for blaming you, for denying you. This is all my fault. Everything is my fault. I don't think so. It's definitely not your fault, father. Don't be sad anymore. Also Online Radio don't worry anymore. Online Radio will wake up. She will wake up and smile again. Bob Dylan Tracks Where do you want to go? Lapland. That's too far away. I know that too. This is very nice! I feel like we are newlyweds. Newlyweds? Didn't you say you don't want to marry me? When did I say that? I've never said something like that. Really. Online Radio. What do you want to do today? Not sure Online Radio What shall we do? Now that I think about it, we haven't done much together. We haven't seen a movie together. Also, we haven't taken a picture together. We can just do all that one by one later on. I will do all that with you, so don't you worry. And, we've taken a picture together. That time when we made kimchi together, Bob Dylan Tracks took a picture of us. Don't you remember? Ah, yes! I'll bring that picture so you can take a look at it later. It's so hilarious. Your fuming face was captured in that picture. What? If I take all those medications, I think I'll be so stuffed.

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