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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bob's Ska Radio

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Bob's Ska Radio

Is it fun? Please stay by my side even if I can never hold you. Everytime I hold you, you go further away. Is everything alright? It's nice here. Bob's Ska Radio Escaping from my heart, your silhouette slips away. Love is keeping me alive. Eat some more. No, no way. My love is breathing in sync with me, with the beating of my heart. Love, I'm still deprived. After our love story is told in its entirety, it will disappear Online Radio Is the temperature ok? Did you get the medications? Yup. It's very hard to get them without prescriptions, so I've sent a lot. For the Demerol, only give her an injection if the pain is intolerable. You know how to give her an injection, right? Yes. Thank you very much for your concern. If there is a God Online Radio If there really is a God Online Radio God Online Radio Please don't take her away. She is such a beautiful girl. Such a lovely girl. God Online Radio please don't take her away. If you must take her away Online Radio If you really must take her away Online Radio Then Online Radio Then Online Radio Please allow me Online Radio to go with her. Are you alright? Sleep peacefully, Online Radio. See you tomorrow. Have to see you tomorrow. Oppa. Oppa. Oppa, where are you? Oppa! Oppa! No! No! No!!! Online Radio. Why are you up? Online Radio, what's wrong? I had a dream Online Radio I had a nightmare. What did you dream about? Oppa Online Radio Bob's Ska Radio Online Radio went to Lapland by yourself in my dream. I went there by myself? What would I do there by myself? That Online Radio That Online Radio It's nothing. Absolutely nothing. Let's go. I'll stay with you till you fall asleep. Oppa, I Online Radio Can I sleep here with you? Oppa. What? Oppa, if Online Radio If Online Radio I die, what will you do? Just because I die Online Radio you wouldn't Online Radio Online Radio. You won't die. Definitely won't die. Sorry, I'm talking nonsense again. Of course you have to say you're sorry. Don't think too much, hurry up and go to sleep. Also Online Radio, let's go on a date tomorrow. Date? Yes, a date. You have to dress up all pretty tomorrow.

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