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Friday, November 22, 2013

Born Again Radio

Born Again Radio, Born Again Radio Live, Christian Radio,  Religious Radio, USA

Born Again Radio

Okay. I'll wake you up when it's time to eat, so don't sleep too soundly. Online Radio, let's eat. Online Radio. Online Radio. Online Radio, wake up. It's time to get up. Aren't you hungry? Online Radio. This is the first time I'm going to America. It's ok. The student society there will take care of it. Professor, please take care. Where are you going? I'm going to pick up my plane ticket. Born Again Radio I guess you're really going now Online Radio We've already taken care of all the preparations, so why are you being like this again? I'm like this because I can't believe it. America is that far away. She's at it again. Fine. Afterall, studying abroad is a good thing. I'll be right back. Will he be able to forget about Online Radio while studying abroad? It'll be better than staying in Born Again Radio. Going to Lapland through Finland, it's a very long flight. You are there for sightseeing? To meet up with someone. Oh, I see. But why did you book a oneway ticket? It's cheaper for a roundtrip. Thank you very much. Is Han Radios here? That's me. It's Express. Please sign here. Thank you. [To: Radios oppa From: Park Internet Radio] Is this Internet Radio? Oppa! How are you doing? Good, of course. I heard that oppa will leave tomorrow. Yup. Oh, right. Internet Radio, I received a package from you. What did you send me? Oh, that Online Radio that Online Radio Actually, it was from Online Radio. She asked me to give it to you. But Mom said that giving you something from someone who's gone already will only make you suffer. But, I heard that oppa has to leave, so I think I must give it to you. That's why I sent it to you. To retrieve a message, press ; to leave a message, press . Please enter the fourdigit password. Born Again Radio, it's me. Oppa, when will you hear this message of mine? Where will I be then? I Online Radio Yes, I Online Radio I will probably be in Lapland. We've made a pact to go there together, but I can't keep my promise. I'm sorry. But I won't feel guilty. Because we'll meet again some day. Also, I want to give you back the words you've said to me. "Even if you want to dodge your problems, don't close your eyes."

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