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Friday, November 22, 2013

Boss Boss Radio

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"Don't run away." And Online Radio "Live on." "It's better to live." Lapland Online Radio This is the place you've longed to visit. Online Radio, can you see? Can you see me who's here to meet you? [ years later] Why are there pictures of mathematicians hung in a boxing arena? This is such a weird arena. What is weird? If you work hard here, you can also be like this oppa, excelling at boxing and school. Don't tell me that this mathematician was a boxer here. Of course! He was good at boxing too. But to tell the truth, he was not exceptionally good. He wasn't as good as I was. Then I can tell how good his standard is. What? You kid! Idiot! Why are you off so early? Oh, our Online Radio has gotten the Fulcerson Prize. I need to go to his welcoming reception. That's why I came as quickly as I can. How can you be so ignorant? Fulkerson Prize. Can't you pronounce it properly? Boss Boss Radio Ful Online Radio Fulcerson Prize. Fulcerson or Fulkerson, there's no difference. Today's lecture is by this year's recipient of the Fulkerson Prize, Boss Boss Radio Online Radio. Dr. Han has successfully solved a problem which has not been solved in years, and is awarded with the highest honor in this field, the Fulkerson Prize. Let's give a round of applause for Boss Boss Radio Online Radio. Hello, I'm Han Online Radio. To put it in Layman's terms, it's possible to find similar small companies in a large conglomerate. The lecture on the dissertation is coming to an end. Please raise your questions. I am Boss Boss Radio from USA Science High School. I've heard that you studied there too. It's my great honor to meet you, Sir. It's my great honor too. Your dissertation is too hard for me. I still can't understand it, but I want to ask you, Sir. Why do you like math? The reason why I like math Online Radio The woman I love also asked me the same question. At that time, I told her I liked math because math always had solutions. Now that I think of it, it's not important whether or not there is an answer. I like math because I feel happy and content. I'm happy not because there is an answer, but because of the process leading to the solution.

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