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Monday, November 25, 2013

Breakbeats- AddictedToRadio

Breakbeats- AddictedToRadio, Breakbeats- AddictedToRadio Live, Listen Online, Dance, Electronica, USA

Breakbeats- AddictedToRadio

You made up your mind to get beaten to death, huh? This time, I really had a reason for running away! Breakbeats- AddictedToRadio Did you ever see me act out without a reason? What is it this time? Did you argue with Father again? It's not like you don't know that Father is like that. You should have just been patient. Why did you run away, huh? Ah, well... I don't have as much patience as you. Also, this time Father was a bit too harsh. It's really the truth, Online Radio I'm hungry, Online Radio What about Internet Radio? Weren't you with him? He said he had something to buy, so he left beforehand. It's fermented well. Stop, stop, stop, stop, Mom. I can't eat it all. Trash is going to eat as well. Hurry and go wake your brother. Your oppa really likes the shiragook with hot chili peppers. I cooked the soup so magnificently well today! Oppa doesn't have class today, so just let him sleep. He could eat, then go back to sleep. Ah, what are you doing? Hurry and go wake him up! I'm busy today. Oh, my! You scared me! My liver almost dropped! (meaning: I was almost scared to death!) I was here just standing still. Mom says you should eat. After I put on some lotion, I'll be right there. My son, eat a lot. The hot chili peppers that you like... I put a whole bunch of them in! I woke up from my sleep after smelling this. What about you, Mother? Aren't you going to eat? We ate earlier. Only you and Internet Radio haven't eaten yet. Thank you for the meal, we'll enjoy it. I'll do it for you. No need to! I'm good! Aigoo girl, stop bitching at your brother. You can just wash that area with water! I really can't live because of you! Breakbeats- AddictedToRadio, I'm sorry. Aigoo, wench. Her personality is just too difficult. Her personality is really shitty. Jeong, I'll run the washing machine Oh, sorry. Did Father hit you again? No, it's not that. If he didn't even hit you, then why did you run away from home? If I had been hit, I would have just drank soju with a friend and gotten over it. Why did you think about alcohol, when you're just a high school student?! Aigoo, I guess it's something that a good student like you could never imagine. Where would you find a student who doesn't drink alcohol these days? There are a lot of them out there! Breakbeats- AddictedToRadio So, what happened? Anyway, I'm so used to getting hit that it doesn't bother me anymore, and I don't get worked up over it.

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