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Monday, November 25, 2013

Breathe Life Radio

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Christian Contemporary Radio,

A shot of soju and a cigarette is all I need Quit smoking! Your head is still wet with blood! (meaning: he's just a young baby) Okay, okay, I'll quit. Anyway, Online Radio! This time, Father went a bit too far! He insulted my pride! So what happened? My grades fell a bit... Breathe Life Radio Can they even fall any lower? I'm not going to tell you! Are you going to keep acting like Dad? Okay, okay. So, what happened? I fell about ranks. That's crazy, it really is. Are you at the very bottom? Yep. Are you even human? Our studious Online Radio could never understand. But Online Radio, I'm really not geared towards studying. I have no interest, and I don't have the brains for it. Even if I studied, it'd just be a waste of time. What else is a student going to, aside from studying? You have to study so you'll at least go to college. Do you think other people study because they like it? They just endure it. Why should I endure it? I have something that I want to do! What is it? What do you want to do? I'm not going to tell you. I'm not going to tell you, Breathe Life Radio Online Radio You're not ready to hear it. We'll enjoy the meal. Did you figure out the Magic Eye? No. You're not going around asking our friends (for the answer), right? Hey, hey, okay, I got it. That's not something that a girl should know about! I still have three days left. I just need to see it in two days, right? Yeah, that's right. What are you doing tomorrow? Tomorrow? Why? I have a game tomorrow. You always seem to have a game. Starting tomorrow, we have the fallseason semifinals. It seems like they play baseball days in a year! It'd be great if they just played for one season, like basketball. Even though they're both sports, only the baseball players have a hard time. The starting pitcher for the semifinals is me. Is that something to be proud of? Of course, especially for a freshman! Are you showing off? Uh, no, that's not what I was... If you have time tomorrow, I wanted you to come see the game. Really, I just wanted to ask if you'd come and see the game. It's a jinx. What jinx? Breathe Life Radio A jinx in which if a girl comes to cheer a game, we win. How did you win all this time, then? Well, numerous girls came to cheer. Then, you don't need me to go.

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