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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Breezy Radio West Point, PA

Breezy Radio West Point, PA, Breezy Radio West Point, PA Live, Listen Online, Easy, Jazz, USA

Breezy Radio West Point, PA

I've seen a lot of girls attend the game. Can't you just come? (Give me a) hint. Huh? Just give me one hint, for the Magic Eye. If I give you one, will you come? Okay. It's not a letter. Then, is it a picture? It's a picture. I guess you could call it a picture. Hey, I gave you my hint. You're coming tomorrow, right? What time tomorrow? Tomorrow... Oh! Oh, right... I have a group presentation tomorrow! What could I do? I was going to go tomorrow... Can I go the day after tomorrow? On that day, Online Radio Breezy Radio West Point, PA is the pitcher. Do you really have to go? If I were the only one presenting, I could skip, but... since it's a group presentation, if I don't go, I'd be really letting them down. I was going to go, since I was worried that it was a jinx. My dad also has a huge jinx. If my mom attends the game, he loses. So, I know how much that means to you... I'm sorry, Internet Radio. I'll attend the game the day after tomorrow. I'm saying that it'll have no meaning if you come that day. Ah, I don't know. If I lose the game tomorrow, then it's all your fault. Don't say it like that. My feelings don't sit right, if you say that. What's with my bad luck? Why do I keep dropping food? Hey, it's going to show the stain because it's a white shirt. Do you need to change? Do you have the time to change before your next class? I have about minutes, but... it's too bothersome! Oh, what should you do? Does Father know that you came to Internet Radio? Online Radio, if you call home and say that I'm here, then I'm really going to go into hiding! Got it? I'll go back in days, so don't worry. I have things to do, too! So, until then, please keep it a secret. It's time for me to go to my parttime job. Let's go together. And wait there. Yep! Oh, it's raining, Online Radio What nonsense are you saying? Look at the sunshine! I guess the tiger is getting married. (meaning: sun shower) Why did you pick up the phone so late, Breezy Radio West Point, PA Mom?! I'm at the Twins Supermarket, so hurry and come out here. I don't have an umbrella, I twisted my ankle, and I can't walk. I'm about to die in pain.

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