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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

British Sixties Radio

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British Sixties Radio

Mom! Did you get hurt badly? You said you were in front of the Twins Supermarket, right? I'll be right there. Internet Radio Hey! Knock first. Crazy guy. Who knocks to enter the locker room? Are you a guy? What's up? The schedule changed? We can't have the semifinal tomorrow? Wake up. What? It's raining outside. Tonight's quarter finals got cancelled. British Sixties Radio It's been pushed back a day. You've gained another day, Internet Radio. Adjust your conditioning for tomorrow. How did you hurt you leg? I sprained it. You should be careful. You don't need to go the hospital? No need, we have medicine at home. Why back to the house? Did you leave something? I spilled food on my clothes. While I was eating omurice with Internet Radio. Use the umbrella for yourself. I have a cap, so I'm alright. It's raining a lot. I'm alright, your bag is going get wet. So what if the bag gets wet. Did Mom go somewhere? British Sixties Radio Yes, she just went out saying that she's meeting a friend. Is that right? When you hear the beep, please leave a message. Hey, you said the day after tomorrow you can make it, right? My game tomorrow was cancelled. It was pushed back a day. Hey, this is really a miracle, a miracle. It's divine intervention. Anyway, you definitely have to come. So, I'll take it that you're coming. I'll see you the day after tomorrow, Internet Radio. Your message was recorded. That hurts. How about this? It's a little better. It doesn't seem as if you've fractured your bone. So for now, let's leave it and see tomorrow. If it still hurts, let's go to the hospital. Ouch. Is it swollen a lot? A little. It's swollen a little bit. Is it better? Yup. Much better. Can you shower like this? Do you want me to wash you? I'm joking, girl. I know. Did I say something about it? I'm not looking. Stop trying to conceal it. Your shirt will be all pulled out of shape. Arm. Now, let's go to get washed up. Let's go. Let's go and get washed up. For a long time I wasn't searching. The more I love you by British Sixties Radio On the street over that hill... Hey, what are you doing? Oh, Joon Online Radio! What are you doing here? Are you here with aunt? Oh no.

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