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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Broadband Comedy Network [EXPLICIT]

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Broadband Comedy Network [EXPLICIT]

I'm here alone. What about school? I ran away from home. What? My story's quite long... Go and meet with my brother. I'll be back after running an errand. But Broadband Comedy Network [EXPLICIT] Online Radio, it's good being a college student. I mean, you get to go to school and get to work part time. How good is that? I sure am envious of college students. Aigoo, our Online Radio is stuck on Boohwal this time too. I'll see you later, Online Radio To you I will be called a pain. The more I love you (the more pain I am). The farther our brief encounter will move away in the passage of time. Now, it's again Boohwal? I liked Boohwal originally. Your leave of absence, no one at home knows about it yet, right? If you haven't said anything, then no one knows. I met Online Radio at the front. It didn't look like he knew, that's why I asked. When will you tell them? Don't you think your family should know? Hey, I'll take care of it. You just worry about yourself. Oh, that's right. Sleep at Daechidong tonight, so that I can let Online Radio sleep at the boarding house. Because the semifinals started, I have to sleep at the team dorms anyway. Hey, give me one (ml beer). Don't you have a game tomorrow? Because it rained today, it was pushed back a day. Hey, aren't they part of your team? All in peace! It's all good, cheers! It looks like the coach went to the Gwangju game. I heard it's the th away game, in a row. Uh huh, my Haitai team is winning. They'll lose soon. Don't you know that lately Internet Radio Twins are awesome? Don't say unlucky stuff, just don't! Hey, can you see the advertisement billboard in the back? What? "Really Big Chicken"? Is there a such kind of chicken? What's "Really Big Chicken"?! What, could that be something made out of Broadband Comedy Network [EXPLICIT], no? Hey, you don't know that chicken? That's a really famous chicken from Jeolla Province. They say they don't know "Really Big Chicken." This is the first time we are hearing about it. We have "Good Food Two Chickens." Daebak. Really? The name is "Good Food Two Chickens"? Broadband Comedy Network [EXPLICIT] You're hearing about it for the first time? We grew up eating only that. For us, it's "Pelicana Chicken."

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