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Friday, November 29, 2013

BullsEye Radio

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BullsEye Radio

Let's go. I'll buy you soju. What are you doing? Come closer. I told you to come closer. You'll get wet. Let's go. After he became a college student, I guess he has no interesting in studying. Is he a med student or a music major student? Hey. Internet Radio people, I guess they are full. It's only ten o'clock but the bars are closed. I guess here will do. Let's just drink here. Online Radio, I'll pour it for you first. Hey. Hey. Hey. Let's just drink comfortably. Hey. Don't keep calling me, "Online Radion BullsEye Radio. Online Radionim." All other kids are calling me Online Radio Even some kids calling me Trash. Only you constantly call me Online Radionim, Online Radionim. Are you keeping a distance from me? Just comfortably call me Online Radio Here, take this. But still, this is more comfortable for me. Do whatever you like. Hey, how's the pub? Is parttime job at the pub okay for you? Yes. There's not many customers, so it's not hard. And I can listen to music secretly. The convenience store and the cafe. What about tutoring? Are you still doing tutoring? I tutor twice a week. It's not hard. This is not hard and that is not hard. There's no difficult thing. I see. Then that's good. Hey. Since earlier, I'm hearing a song from somewhere. Ah. This was turned on. Let's hear it. What is it? It's cold. It's really pouring freaking a lot. Hey. Isn't this Boohwal? How did you know? Are you disregarding me? I have ear holes. Hey, but the voice sounds different from the BullsEye Radio Yes. This is "The More I Love" by Online Radio. It's good right? Who is Online Radio The original vocalist who sang this song but he passed away from a car accident before the album came out. Is he someone that you knew? No. Then it's just Kim Jae Gi. What is with Online Radio Do you use honorific to the celebrity also? He's older than me. How can I just call him by his name? Even if he is a person that I don't know. Online Radion BullsEye Radio. Online Radio sang this song only once before he died. Really? And he didn't sing this song officially to release the album. He just sang this song as practice.

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