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Friday, November 29, 2013

Bygolly Old Time Radio

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Bygolly Old Time Radio

You just looked at me? But, why did your brother run away? What's the reason? I don't know. He won't tell me. Hey, why are you searching through my room? Hey, you took a leave of absence? Yeah. Don't tell the parents. Wait, are you crazy?! What are you going to do when Father finds out? You are going to die. When Father finds out, you're going to die that same day. Bygolly Old Time Radio Wow, your liver is big. Big! (meaning brave) You've gone crazy, right? You're crazy! Who takes a leave of absence from medical school? Are you in your right mind? You're talking loud for a runaway. Hey! No one will find out if you keep your mouth shut. Just wash up and go to sleep. I knew you would make big trouble someday. You should've already defied. What are you thinking you'll do after you're all grown up? Hey. You bastard. Are you testing my patience right now? It's my hobby. What do you care? Hobby? Yeah freaking right. Since when did you love music? You don't think I would realize you were trying to turn the tape backwards? Did I or did I not tell you to not do it? I told you not to do it, right? Am I supposed to not do it just because you told me to? I don't want to. I want to do what I want. You bitch. I'm not going to leave you alone. Sam Cheon Po, I'm going to use your soap. You can't! That's a natural organic soap. Hey, that cost $, you punk! Don't use it! I didn't give you permission... Is this really an easy one? Aish. The picture is getting blurry but after that I don't see anything popping out. That's when you can't lose your focus. You need to keep staring. Oh, and you know about tomorrow. PM. I know. I know. I'm gonna get scabs on my ears. Hey, hey! Are you sure it's a picture? Why can't I see it? I think I'm really a "Bygolly Old Time Radio". ("chicken" in Gyeongsang dialect) What are you saying again? Anyway, I hope you closely look at what that picture is. Okay. is it working now or not ? Hey, puppy! Sit here for a moment, I will be back soon after drying my hair. Sit and wait for me! Yes. Uh? Where is it? It was right here. Uh... where did it go? Online Radionim, are you looking for this? Oh, yes, it was there.

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