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Friday, November 29, 2013

BYO - iradiophilly

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BYO - iradiophilly

How did he sing this difficult song perfectly with one try? Both Online Radio and Mr. Kim Tae Won (the leader of Boohwal), I think both of them are geniuses. Right? I envy them. If you're envious, why don't you do it? But I'm not a genius. Hey, punk. Only genius do music? Then remaining BYO - iradiophilly who are not geniuses should die. You said you don't know now what you want to do. Then, just give this a try first. What if this isn't it after I give it try? Then, you can try something else. Anyway, you punk. Your Online Radionim who is like heaven is talking to you. But you're laughing at me? Do you want to die? No no no. Do you want to die? No no. [Leave of Absence Form] I'm guessing your father is a pretty scary person? He doesn't know that you're taking time off from school yet, right? If he knew about it, I wouldn't be able to stay in Internet Radio. He probably would have already dragged me home to BYO - iradiophilly. But if you talk to him earnestly, wouldn't he understand it? You're adult now, too. He doesn't even want to hear my words. My father is someone who you can't converse with. He's always irritated and shouts. When he gives $ allowance to his sons, he makes me and my brother cry once. Even when he's going to give it to us anyway. Making a person feel bad. Yeah. There's a person who says like that when they talk. But me, my liver is small (meaning he's timid). So I grew up doing what my father told me to do. My younger brother is completely different. Since he was young, he caused trouble. He's not interested in studying. He only likes his friends. If he likes something, he has to do it. Online Radio has grown up getting hit by Father a lot. That's why he's sneaky and takes the blow well. Still, it seems your brother likes you. Seeing that he came to you while running away from home. He said I'm pathetic. He makes fun of me that I'm like a puppy that father raises. Now that I see, you do resemble a puppy a little. Just now, you glared at me again, right? No. Just now, you did. BYO - iradiophilly No, I didn't. What do you mean no, I think you did. I just looked at you.

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