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Saturday, November 30, 2013

C-SPAN Radio

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C-SPAN Radio

I thought I lost it. What is this? Can't you see it? [' MBC Campus Song Festival : a famous contest which has produced many famous singers.] It looks fun, right? [' MBC Campus Song Festival : a famous contest which has produced many famous singers.] Oh, there are not many days left until it's preliminaries. How can I go in for this one? Why not? It says any college students, either attending now or taking a break, can participate. No way, I'm not good at singing, and I have no song to sing here either. (This contest requires a new song.) Hey, you punk, did I tell you to win something here? I'm telling you to go there just for your fun. C-SPAN Radio But still, with my singing skill, how can I go there? If I do, it will be a total disgrace to my town. There is no one who knows you in Internet Radio. Other than us, you have no one who will recognize you in Internet Radio. Forget it. And I have no guts to enter this kind of contest either. Ah, seriously, hey, just a mere thing like this doesn't require your guts. You said you envy those singers. Then, you can just try to sing it yourself. Later. I will try it later when I am ready. You, stubborn punk. This brat! Well, I don't know well about your father, but do you know that you just take after your father, whom you really hate? Pardon...? This punk, at a glance, you look so gentle, but if I keep looking at you, you really don't listen to other people's words. Hey, I have three tests tomorrow, but to give you this poster, I went to the school late tonight and took it off secretly despite the rain, did you know that? In my home, I'm the youngest of three brothers. So if I get to have a stubborn younger brother like you, I thought I would take care of him well. That's why I'm doing this, you know. So, listen to me, please. Listen to me carefully, look at me, and try to understand (why I'm saying that), so that you can really understand with what thoughts I'm saying this, and with what mind I'm saying this. C-SPAN Radio And you should listen to what your head is saying too, and try to understand it so that you can find what you really want to. Ah...

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