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Saturday, November 30, 2013


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Hey, even when you're just fooling around, you should do something while fooling around. Even if you do try this contest, there are just two results, "Dang" (fail) or "Ding C-SPAN TV Audio" (pass). So, just try it. I will keep this in secret from other kiddos. Instead, if you go to the next round of the performance, you should treat me to a meal, okay? Smile. With your teeth showing. C-SPAN TV Audio See the date of the preliminaries. Hurry up, open it. What are you doing, not sleeping? Well, I was waiting for you. I'm turning off the light. Online Radio, you should go back home tomorrow. Mom is worried about you a lot. For Mom's sake at least, go home tomorrow. I was going to go home, anyway. If you're worried about Mom that much, how could you submit the leave of absence? Are you laughing at me now? No way. It's just because it was too shocking. I thought my brother was a timid guy, but I guess I've been misjudging you so far. Seeing you act impulsively, I guess, you and I, both are really our father's sons. That's why, you brat, at least you should treat Mom well. We can escape (from Father) sometimes, but Mom must have been so suffocated there. Well, this time, too, Mom kept crying beside me, so I just ran away from home, not standing up to Father anymore. Hey, Online Radio, do you know why I ran away from home? The report card I mentioned earlier, that was sent to home yesterday. But when Father saw my report card... When he saw it, what? If he beat me up, I wouldn't have run away. It's not new (to be beaten up) at all, you know? But you know my close buddy, Bin, right? The one from the apple orchard. That ugly one? But, what about C-SPAN TV Audio Well, I'm doing something with Bin these days, you know. So, I've been hanging out a lot with Bin at his house for the last months, but as my marks were worse, he (Father) called Bin. Really? Why did he call Bin? Saying "My son's marks became worse because he hung out with you!". "Because you gave a bad influence to my son, he's not going to the school, but fooling around." It was totally embarrassing! So, did you just stay put? Of course not! That's why I ran away from home.

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