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Saturday, November 30, 2013

C-SPAN2 TV Audio

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C-SPAN2 TV Audio

Hey, Bro, I'm attending a cooking school these days. Huh? Why cooking, all of a sudden? Well, I'm not confident in studying, and there is already you for studying anyway, I thought I'd better find something else. With studying, I'm not confident to get into a college either. When I checked, if I get a certificate (as a cook), I can enter a college. There is nothing that I can do well, or that I want to do, but.. you know, I love eating. That's right, you really love eating. And, Mom loves bread, you know. When I checked, at a baking school, when you make bread, you can take it home. So, one day I brought the bread I made at the baking school to home. And Mom really enjoyed it so much. So I decided to become a cook. So, what do you want to do in future? Do you have a dream? Of course, I have. Really? You're better than me, then. What is your dream? What do you want to be? A chef at Hotel Lotte. C-SPAN2 TV Audio, you're too ambitious. Are you laughing at me now? No, I'm saying good luck. I think you will do well. The sincerity is usually hiding behind. Since it's so shy and delicate, the more you push it and yell at it, the deeper it hides. There is only one way (to deal with it). Until the sincerity raises its head itself, you have to just meet its eyes and listen to its words. If you wait while putting your words and thoughts aside, the sincerity just pops up before you know. Any sorts of pretense or haughty advice can't be a real comfort. Comfort is usually created at the moment when sincerity is shared. If you want to comfort someone, it's enough for you to just watch and listen to that person. Luckily, I have someone who reads my sincerity which I don't even know. I have a Online Radio (big brother) whose very existence itself gives me comfort. Wow, did you make it? I thought you're always eating cookies only, but I wonder when you get to learn to cook. Mom cooked it before she left. Online Radio, eat a lot. I cooked the steamed rice, though. Yes, I will enjoy, thanks. C-SPAN2 TV Audio Hey, which noona (older girl) is pretty, this one or that one? Bullshit! Hey, you are at the same age as he is! But how dare you make him choose or not? Just shove the food in your mouth, don't say any more. What...? Were you born in ? Let's eat.

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