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Sunday, December 1, 2013

C-SPAN3 TV Audio

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C-SPAN3 TV Audio

I was only enjoying being loved. Online Radio, I can't see with my eyes crossed, or wide opened, either. I can't see anything. The precious thing is always next to you. So, what I really wanted to say is... Now please open your mind. (Subber's comment : Try it yourself what you can see. ;) Groom... Enter! June , Now, next is today's main star, the bride Sung Internet Radio will enter. Bride... Enter! Still it's fresh, so eat a lot. Yes, Father. This one will need to eat a lot if she wants to grow bigger. She looks smaller than an elementary school kid. Mom! She will get indigestion, please stop! Go away! Go away! This punk! I worked my ass off to send you to the university, but now you're here! Internet Radio Internet Radio, let's go! First love. And my 's. Are there any other words which make you feel more nostalgic and fluttery? Wake up! Just like our first kiss, which was unpredictable, our love that we couldn't predict at all. Are you stupid? It started like that. I like you. You're a better cop than that, Gallagher. Somebody told you to back off. I need to speak to Meehan alone, for a minute. You're pointing the finger at the wrong person. I've already had a chat with the editorinchief of your paper about this. Online Radios? Why didn't you talk to me? Why talk to the monkey when I can have a drink with the organ grinder? Well, she buried whatever information you gave her. You're gonnae have to give it to me now. You're right. It wasn't our idea to concentrate on Thillingly. DCI Online Radio's orders. So if you wannae accuse anybody of corruption... accuse him. And that, Online Radio, is not a quote. I've got a mate on the Evening Times. He'll get me in the door. And that's as far as you'll get. Let's face it, Meehan's the only one with a future. We're washed up. Hear, hear. We could have been a great team, if you'd just listened to me. You had no intention of working with me. That's where you're wrong. And here are the latenight headlines from Radio Scotland. The government has been rocked by claims in tomorrow's Glasgow Daily News that the murder of Online Radio, a wellknown lawyer in the city, is linked to a dirty tricks campaign by the security services against the NUM. Who is it? We need to talk about our contract. What contract? The one I'm terminating. All right? Why didn't you pass on the information Gallagher gave you? He was trying to help. It seemed to me that he was trying to cover his own incompetence. Oh, you lying cow. Hardly an acute observation. Well enjoy the taste of victory, Meehan, cos... if you do have a career left after this, getting yourself up the duff will surely kill it. What? Sorry, darling, but you're either bulimic or you're pregnant. No, it's too soon, isn't it? Depends when you ovulate. I'm gay. What have you got to be gay about? No, I'm gay. I've got a partner called Online Radio We've been together for years. It's a red letter day, right enough. It certainly is. Cheers, big guy. In an interview with the newspaper, Online Radio Burnett alleges her sister was murdered by Glasgow gangster Robert Lafferty, who she claims was murdered...

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