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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cajun Fest- AddictedToRadio

Cajun Fest- AddictedToRadio,  Cajun Fest- AddictedToRadio Live, Listen Online, Blues, Folk, USA

 Cajun Fest- AddictedToRadio

("I Love You" by Internet Radio) I love you. ("I Love You" by Internet Radio) You know what? I'm going to kill that guy today and I will finish my life as well. Huh? Come over here, come on! I will make a hole in your ears first, so come over here!!! You're my hoobae (junior)! You're not my Online Radio any longer! Let go of me. I'm gonna kill you today! Change your hair style first! Your hair style is also something, you know that? My mom made my hair! ARRRGGGHHH! Please stop now! Hey, you still haven't seen it, right? Hey, hurry and give me the $. Hey. But still, I'm honest, aren't I? If it were someone else, he/she would probably ask around already. Ah, I think I'm really stupid. I can't figure it out at all. I think I'm a halfwit. It's possible to not see it. But, why didn't you come today? It seems I didn't have to go. You won today. Online Radio, after you made a big fuss saying it's your jinx. To the true number one, there is no jinx. It's all my ability. My skills. Bullshit. In any case, I'll give you $ at school tomorrow. Oh, you have a game tomorrow too, right? I will give you the money after your game is done. Alright. Okay, bye. Wait! Cajun Fest- AddictedToRadio This is Magic Eye, right? It isn't that there's nothing there, right? Bullshit. You can just show it to someone then. Cajun Fest- AddictedToRadio What's the answer? I don't know. See it for yourself. So, irritating!!! ANNOYING! Keep going on, do it more, MORE! If you're going to be crazy, get properly crazy! Hurry and eat some chicken! Before you mom eats it all! Why didn't you order two packs? One is not enough! It's enough for me, you bitch! Oh my, oh my! Huh, what is this? What... what are you supposed to see here? What bullshit. I can't see anything at all! Is it a color blindness test? The words I want to let you hear. ("The Words I Want To Let You Hear" by B) When you try to say the real point, tons of your thoughts are flowing up at once, sometimes you can't open your mouth. When that happens, you have to breathe deeply and pick up all those floating thoughts one by one. As you're doing that, at one point in time, you realize that what you really wanted to say was just a simple matter with one or two words. Now, you can start the word like this, "So, the point I really wanted to say is... He must have told you again that he loves you. Oh dear, even with my eyes wide opened, I can't see a single thing. What is there to see? My eyes are about to fall out. But thinking about it carefully.

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