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Sunday, December 1, 2013

California 101

California 101, California 101 Live, California 101 Listen Online, Soft Rock, USA

California 101

See? See? This is a completely, purely new song? In my ears, it's totally a mix of two songs! No way, you can't sing it like that. Listen carefully, huh? On a day when I felt down, I walked on the street. It was raining and my mood was down, that's why. California 101 I was drunken by the fragrance of the cocktail. Marronnier! I'm in front of your house! (back to "I Called You For No Reason") Did you put some iron plate on your face? (so brazen) It's really not the same as those two songs? In your ears, it really doesn't sound same? Not at all. Not at all! Is it the same? This is the first time I've heard that song in my life. If it's not the same as the other two songs, then what can be the same? Online Radio Online Radio, you can't do this to me. Trusting you only, do you know how much I assured him? Now I'm so embarrassed to see these guys, so I could just... I'm about to go crazy, so how will you take responsibility for it? How are you going to take responsibility?!?! Oh, Online Radio. There is one song I really cherish, but since you are my junior from my hometown, I'm singing it here especially. If you take this song, you will win the grand prize for sure. Bullshit! Do you think I'll be deceived again? You're going to give us another plagiarized song again! You don't like it? Then forget it! You take it. I like that. Still, let's listen to it once. It could be good. What's the subject? "Dust /". Can you play a little for us? Ah, it's not my style to sing it in advance, but... I'll play it once so listen well, okay? When I'm immersed in the melody of Bach, (a part of "Becoming The Dust" by Web Radio) I thought about going around to another street. (a part of " and /" by Two Two) Becoming the dust, (back to "Becoming The Dust") Maybe it's because of my half. That's why you are... California 101 (back to " and /") They look like crazy dogs. It's not good? Then, this song! Whenever I saw you, I had the feeling of fluttering heart. ("Web Radio" by California 101 and The Boys) I just threw myself to you, Yeah, yeah. ("Web Radio" by California 101and The Boys) Yeah, yeah, yay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yay, yay, yay.

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