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Monday, December 2, 2013

Calvary Chapel Music Channel

Calvary Chapel Music Channel, Calvary Chapel Music Channel Live, Listen Online, Christian Radio, USA

Calvary Chapel Music Channel

[Calvary Chapel Music Channel University vs. Yonsei University] : I'm asking what happened?! Did you get in? I failed. Disqualified. Why? Why did you fail? What's the reason? They said it was plagiarized. What?! It was plagiarized. What is it the same as? "Cocktail Love." That it is... The same. That's right. Somehow, the song was just so catchy. Damn it. What? He copied none other than the song which even won the "Golden Cup"? (given when a song had remained at No. on the chart for weeks back then.) Where is this bastard?! Calvary Chapel Music Channel, hold it in! Let go! This bastard, I'm going to kill him! Haitai, hold it in! Let go of me! Hold it in, please. Hey, you think this is a matter that you can hold in? Let me go. I said let go of me! Haitai! The person who should be angry the most here is Binggrae, not you. Fighting with him is... Let go! : Yonsei University won. I took a taxi all the way here to Jamsil. What a waste of money. Good job! Did you see that? Hey, you did well! Let go! That ass... Who is he trying to defraud now? I can't just come like the wind... (a famous song of Jo Yong Pil "Leopard of Calvary Chapel Music Channel") and disappear like the dew. Okay? (a famous song of Jo Yong Pil "Leopard of Kilimanjaro") Like the wind, strongly, okay? I can't just come like the wind and disappear like the dew... The wind you're singing is a spring breeze, and the wind I'm singing is the strong one. Sing it strongly, again. Start. I can't come like the wind~ Like the wind~ The wind... Pronounce it correctly, wind! Online Radio What is this? What is this? How could you give us a plagiarized song? Do you want to go to jail? Shall I send you to a jail? Who says? How come that song is plagiarized? What the... you make me speechless. That song is a % pure new song! Hey, sing it here. On a day when I felt down, I walked on the street. (a part of "Cocktail Love" by Marronnier) It was raining and my mood was down, that's why. (a part of "I Called You For No Reason" by Web Radio) By the fragrance of cocktail... (back to "Cocktail Love") Hey, that's enough.

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