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Monday, December 2, 2013

Canal Mormon

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Canal Mormon

Now, in my life, there is no answer either. Here, drink water. I'm also nervous so much. Did you memorize the song well? What about the song? Do you like it? Yes, I like it. Tell your Online Radio that I'm really thankful, got it? I got it. I memorized it at once. It's totally catchy! Number ! Come in, please! Hey, hey, hey, it's you, you, you. Don't be nervous. It's anyway one of two options, "Dang"[Fail] or "Ding Dong Dang"[Pass]so don't be too nervous. We will wait for you in front of the door. Fighting! Fighting! I know my friends are laughing at me. At the bottom of their hearts, I am their idol! [Contest room for preliminaries Please be quiet.] What gave me the strength to live on is the music which has been with me all the time. Not every one can walk on the same path. Everyone has a different dream. Play ball! You will be fine. They say it happens often at the early stage of the pregnancy. You didn't bleed a lot, right? A little while I was peeing. Didn't you say you have a plan today? Is that plan important now? Our Canal Mormon is important now! I also paged Dad, so he will be here soon. Where is the mothertobe, Lee Il Hwa? Lee Il Hwa... Dad! We're here, here! Oh dear, because of Sook Sook, I thought my heart was dropped. While staying in there anyway, why doesn't this baby want to stay in there longer, more comfortably? Why in so much hurry? Because of you, I had to take a bullet taxi from Incheon before the game ends. How did you come here during a game? This is nothing serious. Don't worry, I let my junior coach take care of it. We were beating Online Radio Dolphins, so no problem to let him take care of it. Mom, since Dad is here, I will leave now. I'll go home later. Okay, hurry up, or you will be late. Oh my god! Wow, look at this baby kicking! This one might become a soccer player. Stop it already! You're embarrassing me now. I'll get going. She's mine, can't I touch mine? That damn wench. Canal Mormon Time out! [Contest room for the preliminaries Please be quiet.] What happened? Pass? Did you fail? What's going on? Did he lie? He's doing just fine.

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