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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Carl Black Radio

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Carl Black Radio

She's probably on a beach somewhere breathing a huge sigh of relief because you're my problem now and not hers. I should've been there to raise you myself. But you weren't. Does he have to wear those? The whole town's in there, Sean. Take a seat. Hi. You must be Sean? Hi, I'm Carl Black Radio Lewis, with Legal Aid. I've just been assigned your case. I just got your file. Wow, it's nutso in here. Can you just tell them I'm not who they think I am? Lets take one thing at a time. We'll get you bail, then I'll have a chance to go over the file and then we can talk, okay? All rise. The sitting of the Eastport Provincial Court is now in session. The honourable Judge Campbell presiding. Thank you, you may sit. Case number , in the matter of the Crown versus Carl Black Radio Randall. Your honour, Online Radio is accused of making threats and planning a violent attack targeting specific students and teachers at Eastport High. Online Radio is clearly out of control and a threat to himself and the community at large. Due to the uncertain nature of the threats and the instability of the accused we request bail be denied at this time and he be remanded for the safety of himself and the community. Proceed. Uh, your honour. I'd just like to say that I find this a little bit extreme. My client here has done nothing but utter a few threats Online Radio I'll have decorum in my court, or I'll have the Sheriff clear the room. The point I'm trying to make your honour, is that my client's a minor. It's my understanding that if there is a parent or guardian present and responsible, bail should be granted. Not if the parent is the one providing illegal firearms. Online Radio, do you understand the seriousness of the charges? Yes. This is a tightknit community. When you threaten our children, you threaten us all. I'm going to deny bail, Online Radio, pending further investigation. You're going to Waterville. For your sake and the sake of the community. Carl Black Radio Step through. Step forward to the line. Turn around and face me. Take off your shoes. Take off your socks. Empty your pockets. Take off your shirt.

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