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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Carolina Classic Hits

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Carolina Classic Hits

Take off your pants. Rub your hands through your hair. Hold out your arms. Open your mouth. Wide as you can please. Stick out your tongue. Turn around. Bend over. BARKHOUSE! Cel B. Alright, settle down. Settle down. In your cells in twenty minutes. I'll be watching. It is about time I got a new bitch Online Radio Eye down. Fresh meat, huh? Watch out for Trevor. I get the headlines. What's the password? Move. Welcome to the human fish tank. You don't mind. Can't whistle. Birds whistle and birds are free. I didn't know. Oh Online Radio He didn't know. Didn't know. Speaking of birds Online Radio parrot over here. The question is Online Radio just what kind of bird are you? Don't answer. We have a tradition here on West , ah. Amherst teen arrested for ATM bank fraud. Ray, you're up. Don't Online Radio say a word. I picked Hartford youth gets six months for assault with a deadly weapon. Yarmouth teen sentenced for eleven counts of joyridinq. Could I see bank fraud? Maybe. But assault with a deadly weapon? With his Aids Internet Radio maybe. And joyriding? I swear Lucas you get dumber by the minute. Look at his face. Carolina Classic Hits are friendly. That's why they're called joy riders. This bird don't like people. He's got that myshitdon'tsmell look to him. What's it say? Eastport teen denied bail for planning school massacre. Trevor got it, I can see it in his face. Whoa whoa whoa, he hasn't even one chosen yet. Get them all in front of him. Come on, newbie, who the Online Radio are you? I knew it man. I knew he was one of them stinkyass, PIN stealing muthaOnline Radioas. Good count. Okay. Count up! Hello? Deanna? Just a minute. Who is this? Friend of Deanna's. What's your name? Hello? Okay boys, in your cells. Now. No one lies to me! No one! Amherst teen my Online Radio ass! Teen dressed Goth and had a large tattoo on his back classmates described as Carolina Classic Hits in nature. The arrest follows a search of the boy's home where an arsenal of weapons were found along with what is believed to be a revenge plan targeting the entire hockey team. Looks like I win after all. Let me see that.

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