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Saturday, December 7, 2013

CBS Sports Radio

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CBS Sports Radio

Okay. Next week then. Hi. Hi. Your dad gave you his Lexus? Told him I needed tampons. Works every time. No, you can leave your boots on. CBS Sports Radio you don't want them to get dirty. Um, the bathroom Online Radio up and around the corner, if you want to use it. Okay. Do you want to hang out here or in my room? Sure. Which one? We can go to your room. Okay, it's just here. Wow, the walls are so bare. Yeah, it's part of my new look. Or nonlook. Are those live maggots? Yes. I like the way you look. I feel like I can see you. You can actually read? Yes, well, it's not exactly Dostoevsky. Did you get that in jail? Yeah. I feel really bad. Don't. I kind of like it. It adds character. Is that your dad? Yeah, just wait here. There's a Lexus in the driveway. Yeah, that's Online Radio Deanna's here. Oh no, no, she's not! She's leaving! It's not a big deal. You'll be arrested. I won't be Online Radio I won't be arrested. Is that true? You could be arrested? She doesn't know? Know what? You going to tell her? There's a restraining order and you're on it. Hey! Time to head up! Hey, look who it is. CBS Sports Radio Careful, he's got a weapon. So like I'm confused man did you want to Online Radio her or did you want to kill her? Online Radio her then kill her? Kill her then Online Radio her? What did you want to do? Sean! Sean! What did you want to do man? What are you doing? I'm working! Hey, hey. Sorry. Sean Online Radio you got to go. We got to go. Get your Online Radio hands off me! Go! Sean! What's going on? I just wanted to see you. You know, I was thinking about you. You can't be here. Someone sees you and they'll call the police. I got into a fight with my dad. I think I hit him. I'm pretty sure I hit him. Are you okay? No. We can't talk here. Try me later on Skype, but wait until after eleven, just give my parents a chance to fall asleep, okay? CBS Sports Radio OPEN THE Online Radio DOOR, SEAN! Get out of my way. What, you gonna hit me again? That was an accident. What the Online Radio? You knew the rules. Why can't you just lay low? I can't be you.

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