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Saturday, December 7, 2013

CFM Country

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CFM Country

CFM Country

So you want to go back to jail? I AM IN JAIL! DON'T YOU Online Radio SEE IT? Fine, get the Online Radio out. Online Radio! How was I supposed to know it was her dad on the phone? Mr. Johns. Thanks for coming on such short notice. So, here's the deal. The parents are filing harassment charges. They can do that? They basically entrapped him. It's still a breach of probation, Internet Radio, and for that reason they see Sean as a threat. You were reckless, CFM Country. You knew the conditions of your release stay away from the people on that list. How hard is that? Look, he likes this girl, and this girl likes him. It's the parents that are threatened. Sure, it's not like he bought their daughter flowers and took her to the prom. He had her in his revenge plan. He didn't have a revenge plan. Sure, well, they think he did. So what do we do now? Same as before, Internet Radio. He goes in, says he's sorry, it won't happen again, lesson learned. At most he's going to get house arrest, three months. I didn't harass her. Then take it to trial, put her on the stand. I'm sure she'll really swoon over you then. They want to send you back. Okay. You look good. Hey, don't worry, we're going to get you out of this. Don't look at them, Sean. All rise. The Eastport Provincial court is now in session. The honorable Judge Campbell presiding. CFM Country Thank you, you may sit. Mr. Johns? Your honour, at this point my client would like to enter a plea of guilty to the one count. And does this satisfy the Crown, Miss Harris? The Crown is satisfied. Online Radio, please step forward. State your full name for the record. Sean Richard Randall. Sean Richard Randall, do you understand that you're pleading guilty to the charge of harassment, and that this guilty plea is being entered of your own free will? Yes, I understand what you're saying. Listen Online Radio this isn't about what I say. We want to hear how you feel about your actions. You mean going up to CFM Country? Going up to her, emailing her, following her home from school, harassing her at work Online Radio Online Radio? We're waiting.

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