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Saturday, December 7, 2013

CGC Radio

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CGC Radio

Well, um Online Radio it started when I saw her working at the mall, and I just wanted to apologize for everything. CGC Radio Look at me, Online Radio. So you wanted to make things right? By apologizing? Yes, that's right. You wanted to apologize for planning to kill her and her friends? Tell me, Online Radio, how does one go about apologizing for such a thing? That's not why I was apologizing. Then why were you apologizing? Because I didn't want her to think she had to be afraid of me. I wasn't planning to kill her. I wasn't planning anything. Mr. Johns, I think you should take a moment with your client. He seems to be confused as to exactly why we're here. What are you doing? Telling the truth. Do you want to go back inside with those animals? He's embarrassing himself, Internet Radio. Let him speak, Barry. Your honour, I tried to make it clear, but my client wishes to speak on his own behalf. Fine. Sit down. Online Radio, you realize you are speaking against your lawyer's advice? Yes. Are you his guardian? Yeah, that's right, I'm his dad. Do you want him to proceed against counsel's advice? Yes I do. He's a good kid, he didn't mean to do Online Radio It's okay, It's okay. You can sit. CGC Radio Online Radio, do you understand exactly why you're here today? Yes, I'm being charged with harassment. Yes, you're charged with harassing a person you we're ordered to stay away from. What we are asking here today is: do you plead guilty to this charge Online Radio yes or no? No, I do not. Not guilty. I was angry. I wrote things down. Stupid, but not dangerous. So what suited you yesterday doesn't suit you today? We have a name for that here, Online Radio. It's called perjury. Is that what you're saying? That you perjured yourself? I'm saying I lied. If that's perjury then yes. You leave me no choice, Online Radio. This court is all about the consequences of your actions and the implications to this community. So I'm going to remove you from this community for three months. The next time I see you Online Radio make sure you have a lawyer.

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