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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Channel Z The Edge

Channel Z The Edge, Channel Z The Edge Live, Channel Z The Edge Listen Online, Adult Contemporary Radio, USA

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Channel Z The Edge

Channel Z The Edge

Got you boys a present. Holy Online Radio! Whoa, Columbine! Did you miss us? Check out the hairdo. Hey, Trevor? Where's Trevor. Trevor don't do Christmas, man. What do you mean he don't do Christmas? Where is he? Yo Trevor, get your ass out here man, you gotta see this. Well I can't believe he came back though. He know's he's gonna get killed right? I wonder what's going on in the world today. Looks like the dollar's still gaining Online Radio Sidney Channel Z The Edge out with concussion Online Radio Oh, here's something: "Eastport teen jailed for perjury. " Do you know about this? Purgere? What the Online Radio is that? It means I lied in court. It means Columbine don't want to be Columbine no more. Only he is Columbine so they won't let him not be Columbine. Ain't that right, Columbine? Why's it matter? You're in jail, I'm in jail. We've all done stuff. Not me, I'm innocent. You can call me Columbine all you want. I know who I am. You know you're dead? Online Radio this. What the Online Radio, man? Put it back. Game's shit, bro. It's a Online Radioin' blowout. Oh, shit yo Online Radio I know this. Yeah, I used to watch this at my grandma's every year. Man, does this look like your grandma's? Yeah man, this is a classic It's about this fella, he claims to be the real Santa Claus and shit. Online Radio, Online Radio man, no one wants to watch a Online Radioin' black and white movie from the depression Who's Online Radio go? Channel Z The Edge, Tyrell, I'm trying to listen. "She's a little confused. " "Would you tell her that you're not really Santa Claus?" "That there's actually no such person?" "I'm sorry to disagree with you, Mrs. Walker, but not only is there such a person, but here I am to prove it. " Whose Online Radio go? Go Ray! Slow ass motherOnline Radioer. "I want you to tell her the truth. " "What is your name?" "Channel Z The Edge. " "I'll bet you're in the first grade. " "Second. " "I mean your real name. " "That is my real name Online Radio " "Second grade, good gracious. " "It's a progressive school. " "Ohhh, progressive school" Online Radio Online Radio can somebody go already? Chill out.

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