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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Chapman Radio (Chapman Univ) Orange, CA

Chapman Radio (Chapman Univ) Orange, CA,Chapman Radio (Chapman Univ) Orange, CA Live, Listen Online, College Radio, USA

Chapman Radio (Chapman Univ) Orange, CA

"Where did you get such a lovely outfit?" Get up! Open the door. Lucas, open up, it's me! Get the Online Radio out of my way! Whoa, shit yo! Hey you look out for my name man. You know what it is. "To Seen. " What the Online Radio? Man, that's Columbine. Okay. Yo, Seen Online Radio Merry Christmas. My name's Chapman Radio (Chapman Univ) Orange, CA. Yeah alright. Now tell me why I got a wallet in a prison. What money do I got? MuthaOnline Radio! I mean damn. Columbine got an iPhone . Check this out Online Radio it's still in its plastic and everything. Holy Shit. What I would do with an iPhone. I hear they got like a camera Online Radio Internet Online Radio Alright man, what you get? A jumpsuit, but I didn't find it funny. Hey yo you guys, check this out right here. What do you get if you cross Santa Claus with a duck? Your momma? A Christmas Quacker. Yo, Trev, you ain't gonna pull at your cracker? Hey yo, put on your hat. Online Radio that. Come on Trev, we all got ours on. Trade hats with me, Columbine. I got your color. You think you're all tough now? Cause you got by my bitch? Should have killed him, weak punk ass faggot. I guess killing's not my thing. Not here, Trev. There, can we Online Radio eat now? What are you so afraid of? It's just a hat. You're gonna kill me because of a hat? I want to kill you because you're a faggot. Is that why you killed the old man? Because he was a faggot? Or was it because he thought you were? Online Radio YOU! I'LL Online Radio KILL YOU! I SWEAR TO GOD! I'LL Online Radio KILL YOU! Let me go! Let me go! Online Radio let me go! Get your Online Radio hands off me! What the Online Radio, man! Get your Online Radio hands off me! OPEN THE DOOR! Stand down! Stand down! D.U. code . D.U. code . Sit down! Back away and stand down! Back down. Code . D.U. Code . Code . D.U. Code . Hey, I just want to go to sleep, huh. Hey! HEY! Chapman Radio (Chapman Univ) Orange, CA The Online Radio! Ah! Is he okay? Online Radio! Stop it! It was just a glass of water. Sit the Online Radio down. What the Online Radio's wrong with you? You didn't have to do that. I'll kill you, man.

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