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Monday, December 9, 2013

Chicago House FM

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Chicago House FM

Can't you just wait for at least year? Isn't it the right thing to do if you respect me? You are so mean. I thought you would live alone for the rest of your life. I thought so. I thought I wouldn't see anyone else for my whole life, thinking about Director only Online Radio all alone Online Radio I thought I'd live that way Online Radio How Online Radio How could a humanbeing ever do that? You are not even a wild boar, but a humanbeing. How could you start seeing other girls that quickly? I Online Radio What am I talking about now?! Sorry, no Online Radio I'm fine. Just do as you like, Director. I can understand. Chicago House FM The words of goodbye Dduh nah nuhn mahl The words of departure guh moh jin mahol nah I can't believe those harsh words nuhn meed uhl sooh uhb suh I can't believe those harsh words Neeh sae sahng ae In your life.. sarang uhn ha nah rah suh this is your only love Chicago House FM so I knew that it was me Chicago House FM Saying you're here shil tah nuhn mahl Saying you hate Chicago House FM how can I endure uh dduh gaeh cha mah yah hae those cruel words Mahn ah suh because of so much, nae mahm ah pah mahn ah suh my heart hurts,because of so much Ja koo eel guh ruh jin nae uhl goohl uhl I can't seem to hide my distorted.. gam chool sooh uhb suh face at all Ha rooh mok uhl noh ah oohl uh boh myun Each day, as I cry my throat to dryness Chicago House FM you carry your throat and call out Will I find you. Can I even live Until I erase you from my eyes ma uhm ggut oohl sooh eet gae dwen dah myun if I can cry however much I want Chicago House FM as much as loving, sahl ah yah ji that's how I'll live with.. neeh gah joon eeh byul roh the goodbye you gave me. I understand, so you just do what you like. I'm leaving now. Director, please live a good life, and make good movies too. Alright, go safely. Online Radio Online Radio I promise Online Radio I won't go to blinddates or things like that, for the rest of my life. Something's wrong? What is it? Mom, in fact Online Radio I met Director today. No, I didn't mean to meet him. Isn't that Online Radio the same? Don't live like that. That's degeneration. Degeneration? Why are you so without your own opinions? No, it's not that I don't have my own views. It's because I'm happy that I'm getting engaged to Director. How did we fight for our love? You can't forget it. We met innocently. Fell in love innocently and in the end, we emerged victorious because of that innocence too. Did I get close to you because of money? Exactly.

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