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Monday, December 9, 2013

Chicago's Comedy Scene

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Chicago's Comedy Scene

Really. By accident, I met him by accident. But mom, I won't, I won't meet him again. So please don't worry about that. But why am I so sad? Why do my tears just keep falling down, I really don't know. Mom Online Radio Mom, I'm sorry. This is the last time I Online Radio only today I Online Radio only today Online Radio I Online Radio I'm not lying to you, mom. I won't lie if I meet him. I won't meet him from now on. This is the last time. So Online Radio mom, please forgive me today. Today, just let me cry Online Radio You silly girl! Cut, Cut! Yes, Director. The feelings, it'll be great if you do that slowly. And the next cut, just show the face. And here when you capture the scene, move the flowers towards the south a little. Or you can Online Radio Then shall I raise it a little Online Radio And make sure you capture the flowers waving in the wind Online Radio Let's call it a day. End! Thanks for your work. Thanks for your work. Thanks for your work. Thanks for your work. Be quick. Be quick. Chicago's Comedy Scene Go have dinner. I heard you met our Online Radio yesterday. She met you again, so she cried all night long. I'm sorry. I won't meet her again. I met her by accident yesterday, but it won't happen again. From now on, don't make my daughter cry. I'm sorry. I hope I won't hear that again. I mean, in order not to do something you are sorry for, treat our Online Radio well. You hate me so much, right? I hated you much too. I can't hate you anymore. Because I hated you, I couldn't love myself due to that hatred. Now I want to be a good mother of Online Radio. See each other. It's ok, go see each other. Don't mind me, see each other. Chicago's Comedy Scene On one condition. If you make our Online Radio cry again, I won't forgive you. I'll pay you back times, even times the pain you suffer now. I've been treating you so badly. No. I didn't like you before. Because you cared about no one but yourself. Because you were like "The only important thing is my selfesteem. Other people are not important at all.” So I was against you being together with Radios. But now you've changed a lot. Now you can forget about yourself because of others, and you also can give up things like selfesteem.

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