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Monday, December 9, 2013

Chico The Leo Grown Folks Radio

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Chico The Leo Grown Folks Radio

I forgive you. I also want someone to understand my life. I went through quite a lot. If you can understand even a little bit of my heart, you have to treat our Online Radio well. I'll do that well. Bad kid. Thank you. I Online Radio told Radios to go out with Online Radio. What are you talking about now? I don't want to be a cold mother any longer. I don't have the strength to be against them. And I have no confidence to persist any longer. It has been really hard for me to realize that Online Radio is different from Radios. Radios was a different daughter. Radios listened to what I said, and did what I told her to. Except for seeing Radios, she was really an ideal daughter. But talking about Online Radio, where she came from, which star she was from, I really couldn't get it. So it drove me crazy. Because she didn't grow up by your side. Of course she would be like this, wouldn't she? But gradually, Online Radio starts to move my heart. It's not her fault, but mine. I even started to have this kind of thoughts sometimes. Father, now I feel peaceful, like I finally get the burden off my shoulder. So please understand my position. Stop doing this. Stop, now. Forget him! Just forget, forget, forget! Director. Director. Online Radio Online Radio Director, we can't do this. We have to calm down. I can't calm down. Why are you acting like this? I want to see you, so here I am. How can a person do something like this? Why? We broke up. You forget that? What if I say I can't break up with you? Internet Radio Don't you know if you keep doing this, I'll waver! I'm living happily, but you come everyday. What do you want me to do? What do you want!? Don't go away. Chico The Chico The Leo Grown Folks Radio Folks Radio I just said I couldn't do that. Why do you talk so much? Let go of me! No, I won't! Let go! I mean it! You are so freaking strong, huh? This is the first time you know this? Leave quickly. Or my mom will be mad again. I met your mom. Why? Why? What do you mean why? What did she say? What did she say this time? Are you ok, Chico The Leo Grown Folks Radio She asked me to control your temper. What? She said nobody could do this except me. What does it mean? You are really a dummy, huh? I told you this much, shouldn't you at least get a clue? She agreed for us to go out again. She accepted me as your boyfriend.

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