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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chillout Lounge- AddictedToRadio

Chillout Lounge- AddictedToRadio, Chillout Lounge- AddictedToRadio Live, Listen Online, Dance, Electronica, USA

Chillout Lounge- AddictedToRadio

My mom really said that? No, please say that again Online Radio what did you say Online Radio Aigoo Online Radio I'm grateful that people are celebrating for us, but it's way too loud. Close your eyes. Why? Close your eyes. Noooooo. Juse close your eyes, you little. Ahh Online Radio You wanna kiss me again? Childish. What to do with kiss? What are you doing? See how long you can live. I'm reading your palm. You know palmreading? The lifeline is ok, but Online Radio Why is your loveline like this?? Why? It's really complicated. You have big troubles. That's impossible! It is said that once you wear this, you will end your relationships with other men. It fits perfectly! So great! When did you prepare for this? Yah Online Radio There's still one ring left. Where should it go? What are you doing? Put it on my finger. Is it expensive? Why? No Online Radio but why is my hand so crazily pretty? I'm crazy about you! Director. What? You didn't miss me? Of course I missed you. I missed you to death, kid! What did you eat for lunch? I had Web Radio. (Web Radio = ginseng chicken soup) Do some work. How much do you love me? I love you thiiiiiiiiiis much. Why didn't you answer your phone?! I went shooting all night long, now I've just gotten back. Let me go in. Quick! Just go. I wanna have some sleep. Ah, how can you do this to me? I'm going in. Chillout Lounge- AddictedToRadio Scenario here. Please look at this. Finally, I finished my first work! It's really really interesting. Internet Radio unni said it's interesting and Internet Radio said it's a piece of art! Oh, come on, read this, quickly! I wanna use this for a competition, so please read it now! Who? Leave, I'll read it later. Ah, you have to read it now! Now, I have to sleep. Later. How can you do this? What did I do? You love me, right? Shouldn't you really really want to read the first work written by the one you love? I really really want to read the first work written by the one I love. But, I said I went shooting all night long. Don't you still want to read it even after shooting all night long? Yah Online Radio you. I get it. Then read it tomorrow. But you are not curious about the contents? Chillout Lounge- AddictedToRadio Ahh, so I'll tell you by talking Online Radio talking. Online Radio Online Radio What? Come and sit here. Forget about the story, give me a bear hug. Online Radio Online Radio What? Let's go back into the room.

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