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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chinamerica Hit Radio

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Chinamerica Hit Radio

Why? Why do you ask me why? I'll just hold you like this after going in there, I won't do anything else. No. We are getting married soon. No, I can't. Why do you say "no" every day? You don't believe me? You don't know we are destined to be together? Ah, I'm leaving now. I'm going home now. Go, then. Are you going to sleep? I'm sleepy. So I'm sleeping. Go. If you are sleepy, I have a way! If you are sleepy, you read this and because it's so interesting, you'll wake up soon! Will you read? Leave, quickly. Online Radio. I'm really sleepy to death. Only once, please read it. Please Online Radio Please read. I'll sit here and read it for you. "FAREWELL and LOVE". The first episode. In the hospital room Online Radio Those are all the past things. You forget things between us before, right? Are you shooting your movie well? Yes. There's only the latter part left. Chinamerica Hit Radio Consider the work this time as a warmup, and make great efforts next time. Yes? I'll support you. Let's make it big. You don't have anything you want to do in your whole life? I mean something really big? Let's make it that way. Online Radio What? I don't want to receive that kind of help. Why not? I never think of it, and I don't live like that. I want to do it with my own efforts. Thank you. You're welcome. Did you hear that news recently? What news? They say you got support from Online Radio's grandpa. And you'll quit the movie industry to do business. Who said that kind of thing? My point is Online Radio don't mind what they say. People just love gossiping around. Why bother caring about it? Your point is Online Radio Chinamerica Hit Radio What else? Tell me. Tell me you retarded. It's alright. All obvious things. Like, finally you followed your plan. You know she's Radios little sister from the very beginning. How come, they even can write a better scenario than me?! Don't mind it. They are all jealous so they made it up. You feel jealous too? Yah, of course I feel jealous. Honestly saying. Retarded! How can you be like this too? Why are you acting like this? Don't take that seriously. How could I not take it seriously? Argh, those people Online Radio Here is your schedule for next week. Director, is it ture? What? I heard that your next movie will totally be a blockbuster! The budget will be an enormous figure. Congratulations, really. Who said so? Who said so? Don't leave me out. I know what I know. You know? You know what? Out! Go work on these schedules.

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