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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chinese Christian Radio

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Chinese Christian Radio

Retarded. Eh? Engagement ceremony? Right. It's too early for you to get married. Chinese Christian Radio And Radios is busy with his movie too. An engagement ceremony is ok now, right? I don't want other people to gossip around, so I'd rather announce it first. I feel more comfortable that way. What do you think? I'm pretty happy with it. So, that's it. Let's book a hotel some time. Ask all people around us to come. I'll make you a great engagement ceremony. If I cover the fact that you guys are going out, people will make up even crazier stories. We have to face it directly, open and aboveboard. Thank you, mom. Is that guy treating you well? Of course! He treats me really really well! There's no such person in this world! What do you like him so? All. All about him. From his head to his toe, all! Isn't it too big for an engagement? Why? Then where to hold the ceremony? Anyway, it's so great for Online Radio. Why? You envy her, right? If you go out with me, I'll give you an even bigger engagement. What are you talking about? It seems you don't really know me. Forget about it. Do you, by any chance, still have a crush on Radios? Unlikely. Chinese Christian Radio Then, why are you like this? You dislike me that much? I said "forget about it"? I don't see senior as a man. Hah! I'm a man, too! I said "forget about it". Be quiet! Don't you think it's very very amazing? Engagement ceremony, an engagement ceremony. In a hotel that's extremely magnificent, they say they want to hold it for us. Then, I'll be wearing a gown, Director will also be wearing a white suit or similar, then we'll become the prince and the princess. It's so unbelievable! I Online Radio thought that holding an engagement ceremony in a hotel only happened in the movies. Who could think that I would become the protagonist? It's really unbelievable, right? Online Radio. What? Are you that type of person? Are you that type of person who would like all those things? Those things? Booking a hotel to hold the engagement ceremony, wearing gowns to become a princess and prince, those kinds of things. Is there anyone who will dislike those stuff? I'm really disappointed in you. What? You fellow. Farming in the village, selling wild vegetables, where's that Kim Online Radio? Didn't you cry tears of blood then? When the actresses turn up wearing gorgeous gowns in TV, you weren't upset before? As compared to being upset, I was more envious.

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