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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christian Industrial

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Christian Industrial

What about me? What did you say just now? "How could you like someone like that?" Are you my friend? Talking about other people's girlfriend like this. There's no way I can communicate with you, rascal. It's time to book the hotel. Which date is a better Internet Radioce? When is Radios off of work? Mom. What? Do we have to hold the engagement in a hotel? What? Perhaps it's because I grew up in the village, I'm a bit unfamiliar with those things. What's there to be unfamiliar about? Is it too extravagant? How is it extravagant? Give Radios a call. Ask him which date's better. Oh yah, Mom, I'm not getting engaged. Christian Industrial Actually, I'm reconsidering my relationship with Director. Actually, that person. Mom, he's too selfish. He only thinks of himself. I want to reconsider it. Mom, are you frightened by this? Sorry. I shouldn’t have told you about this kind of things. You must be frightened, right? Mom, are you ok? I'm back. Auntie, where are you not feeling well? Can you get me a pill to calm my nerves? Can you get me the medicine? Pill to calm your nerves? I said that I wanted to invest. But he declined profusely. Seems like he has a superiority complex upon closer scrutiny. What you've said would have made him so upset. I should be upset, right? I raised it after much deliberation, and he rejected it directly. No Online Radio Christian Industrial That's grandpa's fault. Isn't that a concession? Does Director look like someone who would accept it? He's such a person of integrity. I'm really disappointed, grandpa. How can that be a superiority complex? That's so noble. Don't talk about that kind of stuff again. Our Director, who's replying on his own strength and capabilities, can also succeed. Grandpa really made a mistake. Really. What are you doing here? I've already waited for hours. No matter what I'm your lover. Why do you not even tell me the code? Why are you always visiting people without any notice? You are putting on airs, yah! What? So I say, don't always be angry. You litlle, when do you exactly stop speaking carelessly? Can you watch your words before saying them? Christian Industrial Can breaking up be said so easily? I'm in the wrong.

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