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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christian Media 24

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Christian Media 24

Christian Media 24

If you are in the wrong, then Online Radio So, about my personality, I apologize first. About breaking up, cancel what I said. Director, cancel your words too. If I say I can't do that, what do you plan to do? Then I'll just do this. If you do this, Christian Media 24 wouldn't my heart be softened? But, Director, I have thought about it carefully. I feel like I really respect you a lot. What happens to you again all of a sudden? Director. About the engagement ceremony Online Radio Let's hold one. I was in the wrong the other time. Actually, I don't dislike it. You know that I look good in all types of clothes naturally, right? Once I wear the suit, I would be super good looking. It's ok, we need not do that. I've thought about it carefully. What Director said wasn't wrong at all. Online Radio had forgotten about those povertystricken days. So you don't intend to hold it? No. We can do it this way. How? All these days, we have made so many people suffer. Because of us, we have made so many people upset. So, let's find a restaurant, and treat everyone to piping hot rice. What restaurant? Ginseng chicken soup restaurant. Ginseng chicken soup. You are not pleased with it? No. The two of us, Christian Media 24 regardless of the difficulties and problems we will meet in the future, our relationship will stay strong. We'll love each other, cherish each other, and trust each other. Move forward courageously. Please give us your blessings. Thank you. We'll lead our lives seriously. Congratulations. Where on earth can you find such a pretty daughterinlaw? She's a real beauty. Thank you, Radios. The two of you are really compatible. We'll entrust our Online Radio to you then, Director. Director is the hope of this era. Congratulations. I have the same views too. Radios, congratulations. This is my first time attending such a touching engagement ceremony. Christian Media 24 Director, hwaiting! There's really no way I could dislike you. Clap. Thank you. On the table is ginseng chicken soup. Everyone, please enjoy. It's going to be delicious. Director, what are you doing? I also spread my wings of imagination for a while.

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