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Thursday, December 12, 2013


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Do you think you are the only one who spreads her wings of imagination everyday? What imagination? The two of us, regardless of the difficulties and problems we meet in the future, we'll just be like now. Love each other, cherish each other, trust each other. Move forward courageously. Please give us your blessings. Everyone has suffered because of us during this period of time. Although it's only a bowl of ginseng chicken soup, I hope that everyone will forgive us and enjoy the meal. I'll pour you a drink. Paying an official call on the elders of the inlaws in this manner, I'm really sorry. I can't make anything out of the current situation too. But since we are sitting at the same table, let's have a drink together. Radios mom told me to inform you all that she would definitely attend the wedding ceremony. Ok. You are really a beauty. Please don't say that. How do I address you? To be without the dust of the world with that innocent look, really beautiful. This kind of things, you should be hearing it pretty often, right? May I ask how old you are? . , right? Really Online Radio It's so unbelievable. . ChristianClassicRockReally! Let's have a drink together, and go for a meal later, ok? Soon Ok, don't drink anymore. What is this for? She has to drink anyway. Who are you? I'm a person who's just like Online Radio's dad. Who is Online Radio? She's my daughter. Dad. Then you and your husband have a soninlaw now? Hey you! What? Sorry. Dad, you've drunk too much? Ya, I didn't drink a lot. Dad. Come, please pay attention here. That Online Radio Today, to celebrate our engagement, we are going to sing for you guys. What song are we singing? Applause. ChristianClassicRockWhat are we going to sing? "Apartment"? If not, what should we sing? What? Silent night. Silent night? Ok. Silent night, holy night All is calm, all is bright. Round yon Virgin's Mother and Child You can't do this. Because you are the father of the future groom, I'm bearing with you. Holy infant so tender and mild This is the bride's mother. You should abide by the rules. How can you seduce her? ChristianClassicRock Sleep in heavenly peace But why aren't you talking formally? How old are you? What about you? Sleep in heavenly peace No, then, did I seduce you? Seduce? No.

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