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Thursday, December 12, 2013


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Did you hear that? She said no. In front of your son, don't you feel embarrassed? What did I do wrong? From what I see, you like her, right? What? You, you come out, come out, come out Online Radio You! What? I'm talking about you. Don't be like this. Please restrain yourself. Dad. Online Radio's mother, let's go home. Really. It's been tough on you today. Director, too. ChristianHardRock But Online Radio But what? What's the matter with Director's dad? How can he treat my mom Online Radio How did he treat your mom? It's Teacher Cho who was exaggerating. What exaggerating? Whoever sees it will find it weird too. What's so weird? Teacher Cho's the weird one. Did he have to make things so chaotic? Make things chaotic? When? You really are Online Radio What about me? If you hadn't said you wanted to get engaged in a ginseng chicken soup restaurant, this wouldn't have happened. What has that got to do with this? My dad saw that the place seems cold and cheerless, so he did that to enlighten the scene. Didn't Director say you didn't like hotels? Who talked about liking hotels? No, I'm talking about it now. Aren't we talking about ginseng chicken soup restaurant now? What kind of person are you, don't understand words?! When did I not understand words? Then what about Director? Pretending to be some wolf with a big tail. What? What wolf? What kind of woman behaves like this even in her engagement? Then what about Director? Then, let's drop the idea, forget it. Then, let's just end it all. End it. Ya, fellow. [Movie Melody's premiere is held upstairs.] [Please proceed upstairs.] Reporter Kim, you are here. Please come in. It's a love story that touches one deeply in the heart. Looking forward to your support. ChristianHardRock Thank you. That was the female protagonist, Miss Online Radio. [Movie Melody's Press Conference] Next, we'll invite the movie Melody's Director Internet Radio to say a few words. Hello everyone. I'm the director who disrupted the order in the movie world with my scandals, Internet Radio. This movie is about a man and a woman,who grew up in a diffferent environment and have a different stance, who met by coincidence one day and fell in love, and how they matured through that love. I also have a lover who made me mature this way. The one with the most strength in the world, the most courageous in the world, the most beautiful person in the world. This movie, shall be dedicated to that beautiful person. What are we eating? What do you want to eat? Oppa will buy it all for you. I really really want to eat fried carrot cake, together with dumplings.

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