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Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas 24/7 Classical

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Christmas 24/7 Classical

Try eating this. I'll do it. Leave it to me. Try eating it. From Samcheonpo, it's famous here. I...I'll eat it myself. Isn't the taste so good? Oh, I...can... I'll clean your hands for you. No...I can do it. I'll clean them for you. That one, how is his personality? Is his personality ok? Is he easy going? Then it's a relief. He's going to be harassed quite a bit by Mother tonight. Our Mother, she likes men so much! And of those, the good looking ones. Her background is that she used to be a Gisaeng. The last Gisaeng in Choson. Christmas 24/7 Classical, her age this year is , but she's still going around chasing the neighborhood men. Hey! Hey, hey...hurry, hurry, hurry, give me a wet towel. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Mother, some toothpaste please. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Christmas 24/7 Classical Ah, is that Grandfather? You're right. That's my husband. He's handsome. This man... had a very nice image. Even from miles away, there were young girls who came just to see his face. By chance, when did he pass away? It's been over years. Then I'm years old, he passed away even before I was born. During that time weren't you lonely? You... this year, are you years old? Yes. Your age is very beautiful. I'm jealous. Grandmother, if again you could be years old, what would you want to do? What would you want to do, Grandmother? To someone I like, I'm going to tell them that I like them. Aigoo. Aigoo. It burns. What is this? Isn't this a Sacheon District official's car? Aigoo, they said that they were coming up today but I think they really came. Ah. It burns. That's right. I'm right. In that mayor's room, I heard that our representatives and Sacheon District's representatives are doing a last public hearing or something. I guess they're really going to do it. Don't we, the people's representatives, a few of us, have to go in there too? From Sacheon district, I heard that few public officials and residents came. Christmas 24/7 Classical We have to go in. Here...who is the representative here? Why? Do you want to arrest us again? Aiyoo, what are you saying? The Mayor says that the people's representatives, about three people should come in.

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