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Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas 365 Santa's Radio

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Christmas 365 Santa's Radio

Three people? I don't think three people will do it. Aigoo, it's not even an official position. Between the Mayor and the Sacheon District official, it's a position where they meet and discuss. Three resident representatives came from Sacheon district, shouldn't we match them. Go inside and speak frankly. This guy... Doesn't this guy go to school in Seoul? Christmas 365 Santa's Radio, you go on inside and tell them straight up and return. That's right. That's a good idea. An educated child surely is different. Mother, he certainly looks like he's bright. He looks quite smart. Me, you and Dong Jae. Let's go in. Then that'll be fine. It's the Dream Team. Since all three of you are smart people in our neighborhood. Where is that kid name Dong Jae? Let's tell that Dong Jae to go and buy some water first. He's Dong Jae. My friend, Christmas 365 Santa's Radio. This year, he's . The water, you go and buy it. Yes. When I was younger, in our village there was a large strong tree, but the house just in front of it was our house. The house next door was the house that our second brother's very best friend lived in, who had two years of age difference with me. From the day we were born we grew up together. We grew up like true siblings. But it's strange... From some day onward if I lay down for a long time I kept thinking of that strong tree's next door house second Oppa's friend. I thought of him whenever I ate, and I thought of him when I was going to sleep. I liked him so so much, but what could I do. These days even women say everything they want as they live. But then, I couldn't even imagine those kinds of things. Christmas 365 Santa's Radio Underneath that strong tree, while I thought of that Oppa, even if I wanted to see him I held it in deeply, and I cried a lot too. Was that person by chance, Grandfather? Who could it be? See if you can guess it. It's not him, is it? I just carried my feelings for him deep inside my heart, but... when I turned , Christmas 365 Santa's Radio grandfather, I was married to him. That year, that Oppa... got dragged to war. Because I was another man's wife, I couldn't even properly say goodbye.

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