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Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Melody

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Christmas Melody

I... looking at that Oppa's house everyday, I cried alone so much. Sung Gyun's grandfather, didn't live too long in this house. In this neighboring village, there's a second wife. With me, he just had one child, then... he went right away to go find that woman. I came to find out that from before he married me, they had a serious love between them. As we lived, I resented him a lot, and we fought a lot too. Now that he's gone, I... or this old man, we have pitiful lives. Even though I gave birth and raised a child... Even though that child is almost years old... Even now... Whenever there's a spring breeze... Whenever the flowers bloom... Even now, I think of then. Then my age was exactly . The spring that I turned , even though that's years ago... Even now, I think of those times. If I knew that I would regret it until I was this this old, I would just have told him that I loved him. I should have said my last farewell to him. Grandmother is a little silly, right? Sung Gyun's mother, save my husband! Let's go. Let's go. My husband is going to die. Save my husband please! What? What's happened? He jumped into the ocean saying that he's going to die. He can't even swim. What are we going to do? What do I do? All of the men went to City Hall. There's no one. Christmas Melody Please help me. Please. You know how to swim right? Excuse me? Rather than getting off at Samcheonpo while going well, ("Getting off at Samcheonpo while going well" is) Sacheon is better. (a common saying, meaning "losing the track for the point all of a sudden") What are you saying? Why is that kind of talk coming out here? Because of people like you who don't know what they're thinking just blurt out crap, Samcheonpo's image only is getter worse. You're acknowledging it, then. That Samcheonpo doesn't have that great of an image. The new city that unifies the two cities... Christmas Melody should throw away all of those negative images, and starting again is right. Sacheon city, how great is it?! He's saying things that don't make any sense. In all of Joseon, where is a person that doesn't know Samcheonpo.

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