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Saturday, December 14, 2013

ChroniX Aggression

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To the horizon that we can see far away endlessly.... Aish. Who took the gas tank in the kitchen? I'm about to die from hunger! Where is the gas!? Can you stuff food down your throat, you punk?! ChroniX Aggression, I'm so embarrassed about you that I can't live in this neighborhood. ChroniX Aggression Why are you being like this when we're eating? After listening to it, the idea seems pretty good. Don't you think so? The idea is good, but you shouldn't say that at that place and at that time. That's something you can say while eating with friends. I can no longer go to the city hall anymore. How could I go there, when all the townspeople will make fun of me?! That's enough. Stop it now. We're only fighting among ourselves. Why are Sung Gyun's friends going through all this trouble too? One got hit by a gas bomb and is lying down. ChroniX Aggression And your own son is called a stupid bastard. Stop now. Tomorrow is New Year's Day. You said you're going to see the sunrise. You should eat things like this a lot too. What were you doing when others were growing taller? But, Father, are you really going to let us ride your boat tomorrow? Yes. You guys have never seen the sunrise from the ocean, right? It's spectacular. I rented a boat, so come out at dawn. What? At dawn, Father? To get to the waters around Hansan Island, we need to wake up and leave here by AM. Then since we have to wake up early tomorrow, I'll be leaving the table now. Goodnight. Let's drink coffee. Here. Yours. Our son's. For you, I made it in a ratio of ::. parts coffee, parts cream, and parts sugar. Eat a lot, and grow a lot. She's exactly the size of Smurf's shorts. That's right. Eat a lot and grow up fast. Although she looks pretty. And she looks smart. Hurry up and eat. I make coffee almost as well as a cafe barista. Because I've been making coffee for the crewmen many times. Hurry up and eat. You'll see that it tastes good. Mom, actually she doesn't like... Wow! It tastes so good! I know right? It tastes so good, right? I'm going to sleep too. Be sure to leave some coffee on the boat, tomorrow morning.

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