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Saturday, December 14, 2013

ChroniX GRIT

ChroniX GRIT, ChroniX GRIT Live, ChroniX GRIT Listen Online, Punk, Alternative, Rock Radio, USA

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ChroniX GRIT

ChroniX GRIT

Okay. Hey, are you a king or something? Do you not see the women are working? Mother, Sung Gyun doesn't even move a finger. Son, you do the dishes. ChroniX GRIT Where are you going? Where are you going at this hour? Seoul. It's okay. I can go alone. I came alone too. I can just take the bus back again. It only takes minutes to get to the terminal. Go back in. Still, let's go together. I'll take you there. I'm pretty much awake now. Let's go. Are you going to head off to Seoul now? Grandma, have you not slept yet? When you get old, you don't sleep well. Did you say you're going back to Seoul now? Yes, Grandma. I have an important appointment tomorrow morning in Seoul. Still, you should go when it's bright tomorrow morning. At night the roads are dark. I'll take care when going. What should I do? I'm a bit sad. I'll come again, Grandma. When it's a holiday, I'll definitely come with Sung Gyun again. Would I... be able to live until that time? Before I die, would I be able to see you again? Grandma, you're saying that again. I told you I'll come again. Grandma, you have to stay healthy until then. Okay? "Burying The Regret In The Long Gone Past" by Blue Sky, December, We don't often talk about this I'll get going. If we should meet, what will we say upon parting. Although there will be too many things desired which are left Go back in please. There are days like that. Haitai, ChroniX GRIT, Yoon Jin. There was a day when they came home with swollen eyes. Even after coming back to the boarding house, those days when they had a lump in their throats all day... Those were days when the friends came back from their hometowns. Farewells are sad and unfamiliar like that. You never get used to saying goodbye. Especially if it might be the last time you say goodby. Even if it's a day relationship, it could last heartrending for a long time. . The last night before I say goodbye to the yearold me. Like that, we were saying a goodbye that might be the last one. Also, we were having the night of destiny, which maybe the last. Okay. Wait a moment. Who? Oh, ChroniX GRIT.

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