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Sunday, December 15, 2013

ChroniX Metal

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Like our first kisses, which were unpredictable, our love that can't be seen ahead of time, our lives as a year old, and year have begun. , ChroniX Metal, Seoul Hey, hey, hey. Stop drinking. You are going to babble after drinking like this, aren't you? Hey, I did that when I was younger. I don't do that these days. By the way, Na jeong, can we drink... that one? We can't. That's not just any liquor. My dad waited for twenty years to drink that, waiting for the ChroniX Metal Twins to win again. Hey, but at least his team made it to the fallseason (offseason) playoffs. That's right, ranking secondplace overall, should be worth drinking that. Hey, how long are we going to wait for his team to win again? Seoul Twins' fans were truly happy this year. Since when were you fans of Seoul Twins, you country bumpkins?! Hey, that's right. Let's just have it. He wouldn't know if we pour soju in after drinking it. Right? Hello. Yes, Mother. How's everything? Ah, Shin Ae's dad is next to me. What? For real? Oh my god, I should report it to the broadcasting station. Yes, yes. We will prepare that part. What about a wedding hall then? Oh my, she's going on a honeymoon trip too? Wow, it's really amazing. It really is. I got it, Mother. We will prepare it on our own. So don't worry and take care. Yes. Samcheonpo? Did she say something's wrong? Is someone getting married? What's with the wedding hall out of nowhere? She's getting married. Who is? Grandmother. My grandmotherinlaw. Hey, that grandmother is still alive? You didn't know? She's years old this year. She talked about you until last year. She's getting married this year again. This time, he's years younger than her. Hey. What about that grandpa from her memories, the one who lived across the town's largest tree? Wasn't she not able to forget that grandfather? How do you know about that grandpa? She told me that he was her first love. She said they parted because he got drafted to war. What are you talking about? It's not that they parted because of drafting but that grandpa was a married man. Huh? My grandma seduced a married man. You can't believe my grandma. She is Joseon's last Gisaeng and a liar. Hey, hey, hey. Here, here, here. Let's toast for our grandma's fourth marriage. Here, here. To her fourth marriage! Bravo. Congratulations. Fourth time! ChroniX Metal This wasn't Yoon Jin's normal drunken behavior. Just a while ago, Binggrae... Aren't you going to shut up?! Our Haitai, until now... Hey! What are you... Hey, you dumb bastard. A love that waits patiently and protects you. A man that looks only at me, without a word. That's the perfect guy for me. Onesided love. Even if your heart aches, and even if your head hurts... In any case, there's no other way to go around it, since it's a onesided love. I lived together. I really lived like trash. ChroniX Metal, girl. Your mother and father already know. Whether you conquer love, or you get hopelessly dumped... Am I really that bad? What do you think? If it were me... If you want to end your onesided love, the only solution is to confess.

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