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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Classic Alternative (90s) - AddictedToRadio

Classic Alternative (90s) - AddictedToRadio, Classic Alternative (90s) - AddictedToRadio Live, Listen Online, 90s, Alternative, Rock Radio, USA

Classic Alternative (90s) - AddictedToRadio

Classic Alternative (90s) - AddictedToRadio But, Aunt is still very impressed with me. This gives me courage, and this makes me feel that I'm not a bad fellow. Director, I have a very good impression with you, I really have. Please don’t call me Director, just call me Radios, Internet Radio. No, I can’t. Please don’t use formal language to me either. “You fella”, you can call me like that conveniently. No, I can’t. I will make Online Radio happy. If your best wish is to let Online Radio live happily, I will not let you down. I will resolve every problem about her and her family. I will complete all of these. Auntie, please trust me. I feel sorry for hurting your heart. Mom. It seems you thought I just said some heavy words on purpose, just pretended to scare you. If you continue to be present in front of me, I have to take further steps. I will call the police to drag you away. So, please hurry to get out of here before I lose my temper. Mom, I am sorry. I have said you don’t need to say sorry to me. Why is it like this? Why are you treating me like this? Mom, please let me be with you. Mom, please let me take care of you until you are fully recovered. I have said you can live happily with that fella, why are you not listening to me? Do you need me to say it again? I am not your Mom. Please go back to your countryside home, and live your life as Kim Online Radio, or whatever daily life. What is bothering you? What are you looking for? What? What do you want? Are you greedy to get our fortune? Classic Alternative (90s) - AddictedToRadio Mom, I love that person. My heart can’t stop loving him. Director is not a bad guy. He is a very kind person. I hope Mom can forgive him. Didn’t Mom ever say that car accident was not Director's fault? Plus, I Online Radio I met him not as my unni’s younger sister. Didn’t Mom Online Radio wish me be happy? I Online Radio I hope no matter Mom or I, we both can be happy. Yeah, didn’t I tell you 'go to live your happy life’? Go, be happy for yourself. I let you be happy, I let you go, and why are you always saying this nonsense? What else are you asking me to do for you? Why are you saying this to me? Go back to your place before.

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